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I am the Principal of Lebl Associates, a Fellow at the American Center for Democracy, and a member of the CLARITy Coalition which is deeply concerned by the continuing threat posed by the actions and demands of Islamists. I also contribute occasionally to the blog of Rachel Ehrenfeld, Founder and CEO of the American Center for Democracy, and have just begun posting on Substack - at the moment, about our policy toward Ukraine.

Hidden Struggle details the conflict between key aspects of traditional Islamic law, or sharia, and Western law. Aimed at Americans but using examples from Europe, I call on my fellow citizens to enforce our Constitution and laws. 

The Hamas-Israel war and other topics

The American Center for Democracy website (see link at left) is carrying my short articles about the Muslim Brotherhood, Students for Justice in Palestine, and other topics immediately relevant to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

For other examples of my work, please see articles I have written on issues like combating radical Islam, transatlantic relations after Bush, U.S.-EU relations, including counter-terrorism cooperation, and European defense policy. You'll find the links on the 'Publications' page. The 'Events' page lists the various speeches and panel discussions in which I've participated in recent years.