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The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe (39.4 KB)

Journal of Church and State, Winter 2015, pp. 155-57
A review of the edited volume by Roel Meijer and Edwin Bakker

The Sons of Pigs and Apes (1.46 MB)

Middle East Quarterly, Summer 2013
A review of the book by Neil J. Kressel

The European Union, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (227 KB)

Orbis, Winter 2013
These three organizations struggle to control the future of Europe.

Radical Islam in Europe (883 KB)

Orbis, Winter 2010
Europe's deficient response to the challenge posed by radical Islam.

The Big Chill (202 KB)

Human Events, Sept. 17, 2008
The U.S. Congress needs to pass the Free Speech Protection Act to uphold First Amendment rights of American authors, particularly those writing on such issues as terrorist finance.

Understanding Muslim Extremism (89.6 KB)

Scripps Howard News Service, Apr. 3, 2007
Op-ed on Muslim extremism in Europe and the United States

Advancing U.S. Interests with the European Union (1.06 MB)

Atlantic Council of the United States, Feb. 2007
This monograph argues that the United States needs a new strategy for dealing with the European Union, and the organizational changes to support it.

Working with the European Union (952 KB)

Orbis, Winter 2006, pp. 117-32
Whether the EU becomes weaker or stronger, acts as partner or competitor, the United States cannot afford to ignore it.

A New Look at U.S.-German Ties (389 KB)

EuroFuture, Summer 2005, pp. 78-81
Germany must find its place along a continuum of EU and NATO security policies and military forces.

The Iraq War and U.S.-European Relations (791 KB)

Orbis, Fall 2004, pp. 719-31
A review of Friendly Fire: The Near-Death of the Transatlantic Alliance, by Elizabeth Pond; America Unbound: The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy, by Ivo H. Daalder and James M. Lindsay; and Allies at War: America, Europe and the Crisis over Iraq by Philip H. Gordon and Jeremy Shapiro. The Iraq dispute brings together underlying strategic tensions and growing transatlantic estrangement.

European Union Defense Policy (1.37 MB)

Cato Institute Policy Analysis No. 516, Jun. 24, 2004
How the United States should respond to the emerging EU defense and security role.

Electing Kerry Won't Make Europe Like Us (152 KB)

The Hartford Courant, Jun. 20, 2004, p. C1
Instead, deep divisions over terrorism and other threats will remain. The United States needs to make its case to European publics.

Germany Was Not a Piece of Cake (238 KB)

Lessons for de-Baathification
The Weekly Standard, Jul. 28, 2003
Reconstruction in Iraq will be neither fast, easy or successful from the start. But neither was reconstruction of Germany after World War II.