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Lebl Associates

Lebl Associates, a foreign policy consultancy, was established in 2003. It offers assistance to private companies seeking to enter foreign markets, including political risk analysis; prepares policy assessments for governments and private foundations; and seeks to influence U.S. and foreign policy formation on key issues such as the protection of First Amendment rights.

As its Principal, I have carried out various activities:

-- Provided drafting and editing services for a foreign policy research project conducted by the American Center for Democracy.

-- Participated in an international team, organized by the American Center for Democracy, to observe the 2009 communal elections in Morocco.

-- Advocated on behalf of the Free Speech Protection Act, which Congress enacted into law in summer 2010 in a rare show of bipartisanship. You can find more information about this at the website of the American Center for Democracy, and on my blog (see links at left).

-- Produced a report on U.S.-EU information sharing to combat terrorism for a private foundation. See the April 2009 article based on that research that I co-authored with the late Mark Richard, formerly a senior Justice Department official.

-- Served as guest lecturer in Department of Defense orientation sessions for military personnel assigned to the Balkans, and participated in a workshop on transitional governments at the Naval Postgraduate School. I can offer expertise on multinational peacekeeping or stability operations; civil-military relations; or the interface between the Departments of State and Defense, both for training purposes and for analysis.

-- Lectured on U.S.-EU relations at the State Department's training center, participated in a study conducted by the Atlantic Council on transatlantic defense issues, and lectured for the World Affairs Council and the American Committees on Foreign Relations on U.S.-EU issues. I draw both on my experience as Minister-Counselor for Political Affairs at the U.S. Mission to the EU, and on subsequent research and publications, particularly on EU security and political issues.

-- Conducted international market research for a private firm on markets in Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe. For more in-depth studies, I provide political risk analysis.

-- Advised and prepared regulatory submissions for a private corporation. I am knowledgeable on a wide range of economic issues, and am experienced in interagency policymaking in Washington.